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Dear friend, we are very happy to write to you today with our first “Ape Unit Letter”.

In the first section named “WORK STORIES” we want to share some insights from our work and work experiences we had on the journey.

In “FIVE TREASURES FROM THE TEAM” we like to share what’s going on in our minds.

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Things are getting slowly back to normal, the first team members are recapturing their seats in the office (with distance) and - good news - we can support our local bars with after work consumption again next week!

Also slowly the workload is growing back to normal again, so we will have a lot to report at this point over the next few weeks.

1 - We want to highlight a blogpost we had very positive feedback on the last weeks about how we work on developer experience.

 2 - Max is researching crypto wallet user experiences. Help him find out what's the best crypto wallet by answering two questions: 

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1 – What can we learn from the virus? We found this very interesting article of Paul B. Preciado who is philosophizing on this in Artforum, rolling up present and past.

2 – If you are interested in how blockchain can help artisans behind Made in Italy’s luxury fashion brands reduce the impact of counterfeiting we recommend this very insightful report by dGen.

3 – Let’s learn more about token creation: Andrew had an interesting conversation with Chris Robinson, Founder of meTokens, about why you should create your own currency- or maybe why not (-yet).

4 – Hey typo designers! Would you like to add sparklines like this into your text? See here how to create this typeface without code, send pics 😊!

5 – Thanks for reading! Now turn up the volume! We are floating into the weekend with this vibrant BBC Radio Mix by Jamie XX – cheers!

From Paula with Ape Love XOXO

As we are in the “Ape Unit Letters”- test phase we would love to hear your feedback, ideas and recommendations, THANK YOU!!!

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