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We share some insights, recent work and experiences we have on our journey.

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We’ve been busy since our last letter - here’s some exciting news:

1 — We are thrilled to announce our newest project, Eventivize! In proud partnership with CTM Festival, we are building a tool that allows young and talented artists to be recognized and rewarded within the competitive world of live events. More to announce on this next week!

2 — Meet one of our amazing team members, Miguel Lizio, as he shares his story and the idea behind Eventivize on the Ape Unit Blog.  From building a rave culture in his hometown of Maracaibo, Venezuela, to working with blockchain in Berlin daily, he now plans to combine both his knowledge of live events and DLT in this project! Check it out here!

3 — Our work often revolves around the concept of gamification. Our partner, Project CO3, which aims to assess the risks and benefits of emerging technologies and predict how they will affect the public sector, explains gamification in a new video. To experience gamification in practice, check out our collaborative learning platform, Dacade!

By the way:  Thanks for answering Max’s questions in our previous newsletter! He’s come up with some fascinating insights through his research that have directly informed a new product we are working on. We are excited to share it with you in the next newsletter!



1 — A fantastic concept piece by Rhys Lindmark full of critiques, humor, and ultimately a vision for a positive future achieved via networkism, among other things.

2 — Love the stock market, cryptocurrency, and art? Check out this platform that is “reclaiming the idea of the stock market to benefit creators and collectors directly."

3 — Will this AI be able to change the world forever? We don’t know, but we’re definitely impressed! 

4 — Here’s a great video from FOAM about how proof of location might work in the future.

5 — We’ve been thinking a lot about art, music, and community. So help out in saving your city’s music culture by checking out United We Stream

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