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We've been busy since our last letter - here's some exciting news:

1 — We are proud to announce Ape Unit's partnership with the Interchain Foundation (ICF), who builds and promotes Cosmos and the Internet of Blockchains.  The Cosmos SDK lays a solid foundation for us to build Eventivize upon, and we look forward to our future together!

2 —Linzerie, a cutting edge shopping arcade in Linz, is holding a competition in search of creative shop concepts. The winner can look forward to rent-free use of a shop or restaurant space that matches their concept. Check out their new website (that we developed for them together with Spring Brand Ideas).

3 — Three new blog posts for you to catch up on! Check out the second and third blog posts on Eventivize (we spill our plans for Eventivize in #3)! As well as the newest addition to our legal series on DAOs.



1 — The USPS Just Filed A Patent For A Blockchain-Based Secure-Voting System.

2 — Why Computing Belongs Within the Social Sciences

3 — Have fun!

4 — Burning Man is going virtual. One might say it's... decentralized Burning Man

5 — Still looking for a great productivity app? Explore your new extended mind. Or check out Amie. Join the waitlist here (I want the free t-shirt).

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