Celo, NFTs, and Our Growing Team

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1 - Celo Partnership

When Dacade was first conceived, we wanted to make technical education accessible to as many people as possible, and collaborative, incentivized learning was how we would make it work. With people incentivized to help and create new learning opportunities for their peers, we could eliminate the traditional limits on education's scalability. Without regular teachers and regimented lessons, education can more fluidly adapt and grow alongside the demand for specific skills.

We're thrilled to share that our project Dacade has partnered with Celo — a foundation that believes in a future where everyone can prosper. Celo is supported by over 80 companies and individuals, including prominent venture funds, C-level operators, academics, and experts across a wide range of fields. Dacade will be creating accessible developer education that simultaneously expands the Celo blockchain ecosystem and furthers the Celo mission. Read more about our partnership here!

— NFTs are Exploding. We'll teach you the Basics.

What do an NFT and the deed to a house have in common? Quite a lot, actually (with some key differences).

Over the past few weeks, Non-Fungible Tokens have been popping up everywhere: from Christie's and NBA Topshots to Kings of Leon's new album sale. However, every introductory article is filled with blockchain jargon and technical language. None seem to be a real introduction...so we wrote a better intro to NFTs.

Check it out here!

3 — We're Hiring!

Are you an amazing Developer or Designer? Are you friends with one? We're looking for three new team members.

UX UI Designer*in

Frontend Developer*in

Back-End Typescript Developer

Join us. We can't wait to meet you!


1 — Our amazing team member Paula Kühn is in Vogue!

2 —  Share this beginner's guide to blockchains and cryptocurrency with your friends when they ask about blockchain.

3 — This Artificial Intelligence can generate images from text descriptions.

4 — This digital artist is breaking records in the "traditional art" world.

5 — Recreate your favorite bar's ambiance — at home of course.

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