Climate Action, NeueUX, Dacade at Kuneco Conference

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1 - It's Time for Climate Action

With Earth Day fading into the scrolls of our social media feeds, our MD and Partner, Alexandre Peschel, wants to continue the discussion about climate action that cycles through public focus. In our latest blog post, he shares his thoughts on climate action and the way forward to creating a sustainable future.

As you read his letter, he asks you to think about your relationship to climate action and what you want the future to look like. Last year, Ape Unit decided to take action to become carbon neutral in our operations, focus on reduction measures, and continually work to become completely climate neutral. We hope you will join us in taking action, changing habits, and consciously working towards a sustainable world.

2 — Introducing NeueUX

When our UX Designer, Max Blazek, went out to research blockchain wallet UX, he found a world of resources for design inspiration/UX best practices for every niche app, website, and product — except in the blockchain space. After spending hours pouring through every popular wallet app that he could find, he decided to create the resource that he had been looking for — with backing from the Moloch DAO.

NeueUX is a platform for designers and developers to share knowledge and resources. Currently, teams have to create full UX designs from scratch when building blockchain apps — because they're in a completely new category of application. We made NeueUX so that it's easier to learn the current standard in blockchain UX best practices, find design inspiration, and share knowledge. Take a look!

3 — Dacade at Kuneco Community Conference

Two weeks ago, Celo held their Kuneco Community Conference. While there were talks on many fascinating topics, we were particularly interested in our partner Moritz Stellmacher's discussion on Dacade and community learning. Check out his talk and others to learn more about how the Celo Community is building a sustainable financial future.


1 — Keep up to date on climate news, climate solutions, and the way towards a just future.

2 —  We've been trying out this framework in recent product workshops. Give it a try. 

3 — We found this simple, better way to fund your creative work. Like Patreon, but (IMO) better.

4 — Miss collaborating in person? We can't give you that, but you might like this tool that's makes collaboration on video calls more seamless.

5 — Stop saying "yes" to ridiculous and annoying requests — learn to say "no" more with this NPG (no!-playing game).

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