Spring, wanderlust, and recent work including a virtual club

Here we spread our state-of-mind. Kinda the best things we find. So here is another episode of

The last five links of our team chat

1 — A lot of things became more important these days. One of them is music. Here is one real find, VOILAAA! Also, when staying at home, You Must Believe In Spring.

2 — Simple Mexican cooking at home for your culinary wanderlust. Spend more time cooking.

3 — Educate yourself here Deep Learning 2020 /CourseID:925

4 — Go to Harvard and learn Backyard Meteorology.

5 — John liked this

What we have done in the meantime

Just now we have been launching a product site for Teambank, one of the most innovative Banks in Germany.

Meanwhile we are participating in the Game of Zones initiative by Cosmos and have submitted the Virtual Club Berlin Pitch project during the #WirvsVirus hackathon.

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