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We say this each time… but we’ve had so much happening since our last letter!

We launched a new website yesterday, are busy working on building another, made a new partnership, and are leading a UX working group. Keep reading to hear all about it!

1 — Corpo Two Website Relaunch

Yesterday, we relaunched the Corpo Two website with a refreshed look that matches their company’s dynamism and their team’s versatility. We worked together with Realgestalt to build the new digital face of c2. The overall impression is warm, approachable, personal — just like the people we met while working with c2. We wanted the company to present itself as they really are — innovative and fresh.

The Realgestalt team lead Corpo Two's Corporate redesign and branding with their extremely creative nature, professional methodology, advice, and passion. We at Ape Unit spearheaded the project's technical side — website development and programming — making their vision come to life. It was a very successful, collaborative process in which everyone participated with a lot of passion. See the new site here!

2 — UTU technologies

At Ape Unit, we have always sought out projects that increase fairness on a global scale and contribute to more trusting economies. We believe that blockchain is one of the most promising technologies to act as a backbone supporting this economic transformation and are always looking for partners who share this same vision of fairness. That’s why we are extremely excited to work together with UTU Technologies towards a fairer, more trusting world.

UTU CEO Jason Eisen commented:

“Ape Unit is like having an elite squadron of digital commandos to execute on tough problems on tight timelines. Emil Wagner and the Ape’s vision for product innovation also adds tremendously to UTU’s own vision for the future of digital trust. We could not be more excited to have Ape Unit as a token holder and strategic partner.”

3 — Interchain UX Working Group

We will be stewarding the Interchain Foundation's UX Working Group! This will include administering and recording the meetings as well as synthesizing the results of the discussions into standards and recommendations for designers and developers to use while building Interchain user interfaces. We will also be building proof of concept apps that demonstrate these techniques.


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