Dacade Course on Celo, Brasserie Colette, Climate Action

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— Learn to build a Dapp on Celo with Dacade

The Celo Foundation has awarded a grant to Dacade, our peer-to-peer education platform that makes active social learning affordable and scalable, to grow Celo’s developer community through peer-to-peer challenges and developer education.

Dacade has launched Celo Development 101, a free, online course specifically for developers who are interested in creating dApps for Celo, an open-source blockchain ecosystem focused on making decentralized financial (DeFi) systems and tools accessible to anyone with a smartphone.

Learn more about our Celo Development 101 course here.

Take our Celo Development 101 course here.

2 - Brasserie Colette Relaunch

Brasserie Colette is a French brasserie concept restaurant developed specifically for DPF AG. The French cuisine displays the culinary signature of the restaurant's creator, Tim Raue.

We recently worked on the relaunch of Brasserie Colette's website! Continuing the classic vintage-meets-modern design, we built Brasserie Colette a website that matches the inviting atmosphere of the restaurant spaces and the streamlined elegance that their dining experiences embody. For the past two months, we have been working with the Brasserie Colette marketing team to bring this site to life.

Read about this project here, check out the new site here, and pay them a visit!

— How to Get Started with Climate Action: start here!

At Ape Unit, we have become carbon neutral in our operations, and we are focusing on reduction measures that move us toward becoming completely climate-neutral across our business. We are committed to leading discussions and communicating environmental impacts with our partners to create a business community dedicated to creating a sustainable future. We hope you will join us in taking action, educating yourself, changing habits, and sharing your conviction with those around you.

Our responsibility is to build a fairer world with our actions, our consumption, and our voices. Please use these resources we've curated to help reach this goal. We hope you'll join us!


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